Located between Vilaseca and Salou. The first park opened in 1995 and seven years later, on June 13, 2002, the leisure complex was opened. Port Aventura World is the perfect destination to spend a fantastic vacation with your family, partner, or friends. With two theme parks, Port Aventura Park and Ferrari Land, Port Aventura Caribe Aquatic Park, various hotels, and a golf course.

PortAventura Park

Port Aventura is the best-known theme park and the largest of the three, since you will find five zones inspired by five places of the world: The Imperial China, the American Far West, the exuberant Polynesia, the Mayan Mexico and the most autochthonous, the Mediterranean. In addition, it also has an area dedicated to the little ones, the Sesame Adventure.
PortAventura china
Sesamo Aventura
Each area has attractions, bars, terrace areas, souvenir shops and hotels, so there is no reason to go anywhere else. We recommend some of the best attractions: The Furius Baco reaches 135k/h in just 3 seconds. The Tutuki Splash is an amazing water ride on a barge, get ready to get soaked. Shambala, the highest and steepest roller coaster in Port Aventura Park. The Dragon Khan, icon of the park, with 8 loops reaches speeds of more than 110 km/h. The children’s area of ​​China, with slides, swings, and walkways is also fun for all the family. The Feathered Serpent, with turns, ups and downs, we say no more… The Hurricane Condor, 100m free fall. The Mine Train, to tour the El Diablo Mine. Stampida, a race between two, who will win, the red or the blue? The Tami Tami, roller coaster for children. Magnific Fish, drift on the water with a goldfish and finally, the Magic Tree for the little ones.
Canoa port aventura
The park opens its doors from April to January. During the summer months the water attractions are open. You can check their webpage for more information.

Caribe Aquatic Park

The Resort has more than 50,000m2 dedicated to water attractions, shops, restaurants and rest areas. For all ages, with a wave pool, an indoor area with slides and children’s pools, a crazy river to overcome unexpected surprises and an area with water fountains
Aquatic Park
This park is only open from June to September. You can see more on their website

Ferrai Land

It opened on April 7, 2017 and is the only Ferrari theme park in Europe and one of only two found around the world. Among its attractions, the Red Force stands out with a height of 112m and an acceleration that goes from 0 to 180km/h in five seconds. In the park you can enjoy traditional Italian cuisine, themed shows, an area for the little ones, roller coasters for the older kids and stores with original merchandising.
Ferrari Land
Ferrari Land
Ferrari Land is open on the same days as the park. But here you will find more information.

Important dates

The park has two special dates marked on the calendar, Halloween and Christmas. The entire venue is decorated, activities and shows are adapted to the dates indicated and extra activities are added. Let’s see what’s happening!
From September 18 to November 14 come and celebrate the darkest Halloween you have ever experienced; the atmosphere of the park is transformed into a dark and mysterious place suitable for adults and children. The complex dresses up for Halloween, you can discover strange creatures and new shows, taste the most chilling food, or walk through the most secret and terrifying passageways.
Halloween Portaventura
Christmas at Port Aventura World is a festive surprise, lots of surprised to be discovered, a new show, a surprise guest, among many other things. At Port Aventura World you will have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus, Woody and Chilly Willy. Enjoy the different Christmas shows, especially the enchanted forest and the variety of food proposals that are found in the different restaurants.
Navidad en PortAventura
PortAventura is undoubtedly an amazing amusement park where you can enjoy an amazing day perfect for all the family. Enjoy it!
Calafat Holidays
Family accommodation in Calafat

Escape with Calafat Holidays

Weekend or bank holiday getaways are always a great way to enjoy a few days off with family or friends and take the opportunity to disconnect from everyday life. Today we invite you take a break, choose a weekend or a bank holiday where you can enjoy the tranquillity and comfort of Calafat Holidays. Here we go!
As we mentioned in the last blog post about l’Ametlla de Mar, our climate is typical Mediterranean where the winters are mild, although you always want to be near a fireplace or have an apartment that is air-conditioned. At Calafat Holidays you can enjoy a few days or a winter vacation without worrying.
winter getaways
winter getaways
Calafat is the perfect location for a weekend getaway, it’s an urbanization located a few kilometers from l’Ametlla de Mar, where you can do a wide variety of activities or simply relax in the apartment.
We suggest you stay in a semi-detached house, an apartment, or a villa with a fireplace. With Calafat Holidays you can enjoy a cosy atmosphere next to the fireplace with a glass of wine and fantastic views of the sea.
winter getaways
In Calafat you can do many activities, such as strolling through the port, relaxing on a beautiful beach or going along the GR-92 and enjoying the wonderful scenery that we have along coastline. In the spring, summer and early autumn months, Calafat Port offers a variety of nautical activities, here you will find more. But don’t be discouraged, the winter months are perfect for enjoying the sun on the beach by yourself.
If what you are looking for is a shot of adrenaline, Circuit Calafat is the ideal place to visit. It has three tracks where you can enjoy motorcycle or car races on our speed track, Motocross on the dirt track or driving courses on the school track. If you are interested in the event we have on offer, here is the link to the Calafat Circuit calendar.
Circuit Calafat
Delta de l'Ebre
Do you prefer nature? We suggest you explore the Ebro Delta; you can rent a bike and tour a large part of this beautiful Nature Park, you can also go see the best sunset at the Trabucador beach. All these beautiful places are only 30 minutes from Calafat. If you want to know more, please find the link to our post about the Delta de l’Ebre.
Finally, let’s not forget that PortAventura World theme park and leisure complex, amazing fun for the whole family, is also about 30 minutes away. You no longer have a reason not to escape to Calafat for a weekend!

Discover l’Ametlla de Mar

La Cala has a special charm which is that it is not an overcrowded village, with more than 20 beaches and coves with crystal clear water and activities for the whole family.
Cala Xelin
What to do in l’Ametlla de Mar?
Get lost along its fishing port and the promenade contemplating the boats and the sailors at work. Stroll through the cobbled streets that surround the port and watch the sunset. Travel the GR-92 and enjoy its dreamy beaches. Taste typical dishes of the area on a terrace facing the sea with a good wine from Terra Alta. L’Ametlla de Mar is a family destination, beach and disconnection, discover more. Visit the municipal market, which is open from Monday to Saturday, on Mondays and Thursdays, you can go to the market square, where there are stalls for clothing and accessories and on Saturdays for fruit and vegetables.
L'Ametlla de Mar marina
Enjoy l’Ametlla de Mar
If you want to know more about the town, we advise you to visit the fish market from four in the afternoon, you will be able to see how the boats arrive at port, the catch of the day and the fish auction, which later you can taste in any one of the town’s restaurants. If you are more adventurous, you cannot miss the nautical activities offered by the town’s companies. You will find the information booths next to the old fishermen’s guild. They offer boat trips for fishing, diving and snorkeling… And the tuna-tour!
fishing Port
coastal walkway
Enjoy Calafat
In the Calafat Urbanization you can rent a boat with or without a license and get to know the environment from another perspective with Enjoy Calafat. If you want to start with something calmer you can rent a kayak and visit the beaches near Port Calafat or you can get on a jet ski or flyboard with Liberty Wings and release adrenaline. You will find these two companies in Port Calafat. Would you like more to explore the underwater world? Then your ideal activity is snorkeling or diving, let yourself be guided by companies such as Plancton and Ametlla Diving and enjoy the largest posidonia meadow in Catalonia.
Do you still want more? Then get on the Balfegó catamaran, during the journey they explain the history and the day-to-day of tuna fishing. Once at the pools it is time to jump into the water without any fear and swim among hundreds of giant tunas. And for those who are sportier, it is essential to follow the GR-92 route, the Mediterranean path where the pine trees are met by the sea. Stop to rest in one of over 20 beaches and coves, enjoy the scenery and relax.
Enjoy Calafat
Boat rentals Enjoy Calafat
L’Ametlla de Mar has a complete Mediterranean diet, the basis of its gastronomy is based on the cuisine of sailors, that is why its typical dishes are the suquet calero, the fideua and the arrossejat. We do not leave aside desserts such as pastissets, els corassons and panellets. If you want to taste the typical dishes or tapas, we advise you to book in the restaurants of l’Ametlla de Mar or reserve the date and visit l’Ametlla de Mar in its gastronomic days, where bars and restaurants of the town participate and offer you dishes cooked with fresh products.
Les Veles
The Beaches of l’Ametlla de Mar
Cala Llobeta
As we have mentioned above, La Cala has more than 20 beaches and coves along its 16km of coastline. The crystal-clear water and an unsurpassed environment make that some of these beaches are awarded the blue flag awarded by the European Union. You can choose the one you like the most, whether they are fine sand, pebbles, virgin, nudist or dog-friendly. You see, endless possibilities to enjoy your vacation. Get to know all the beaches of L’Ametlla de Mar.
History and culture in l’Ametlla de Mar
Castillo Sant Jordi D'Alfama
You can also carry out cultural activities such as discovering the history of the Sant Jordi D’Alfama Castle and the Optical Tower or delving into the fortifications of the Spanish Civil War. The Tourist Office offers guided tours of the town explaining its history, making stops at the most interesting points and showing you how the town of La Cala was before and also in the fortifications. In addition, the Antigua Cofradía de Pescadores is currently an interpretation center with traveling exhibitions dedicated to the sea, local painters and writers …
Accommodation in l’Ametlla de Mar and surroundings
Calafat Holidays
Calafat Holidays
You can find hotels, a variety of accommodations and campsites, but going a little further you will find the Tres Cales, Sant Jordi and Calafat urbanizations, where there are countless accommodations; Apartments, villas, townhouses … At Calafat Holidays we make it easy for you and help you find the accommodation that best suits your vacation.
Calafat Holidays
Calafat Holidays
Near L’Ametlla de Mar
Delta de l'Ebre
L’Ametlla de Mar is located in a strategic point between the Costa Dorada and Les Terres de l’Ebre, which allows you to carry out more activities and get to know the surroundings. Starting from the south, you cannot miss the Ebro Delta Natural Park, the most extensive aquatic habitat in Catalonia and it is only 30 minutes away. A little closer, 15 minutes away, is the town of El Perelló, with a beekeeping culture which has a company that makes thematic visits to get to know the world of beekeeping. And you cannot miss the coastal towns such as l’Ampolla and Sant Carles de La Ràpita. Towards the west and entering the interior of Les Terres de l’Ebre, you can stop at two towns of wine culture, such as Gandesa and Pinell de Brai. Following the Ebro River is Miravet with its Templar castle. Continuing north you can visit Cambrils and Salou, two fishing villages with a lot of tourist culture and of course PortAventura, the theme park for young and old. Continuing a little further up, Tarragona where the Roman colony of Tarraco used to be. And entering the Costa Dorada, Reus, the city of Vermouth and Modernism.
Roman Tarragona
The weather in l’Ametlla de Mar
It has a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and warm summers. In summer the weather is warm, but the sea breeze helps lower the temperature. In spring and autumn, the temperatures are maintained and the days are pleasant, at night it can cool a bit. As you can see, l’Ametlla de Mar offers a multitude of plans to carry out as a couple, family or group of friends. It is an essential place to visit if you are in Les Terres de l’Ebre and the Costa Dorada.
Ametlla de Mar

Travelling with your pet

Many times, finding a vacation destination where pets are welcome is quite a difficult task.

Here in Les Terres de l’Ebre province it’s very easy, there are endless activities to do with your pets, and at Calafat Holidays we make it even easier for you, we adapt our services and facilities for our four-legged guests and we offer you a variety of accommodation where you can enjoy a perfect stay with your pet.

Beaches for pets
Beaches for pets

Once you have found the perfect accommodation, let’s see what you can get up to with your pets! It’s fair to say that Terres de l’Ebre is a recommended area to travel with pets since there’s a wide variety of services on offer. Here’s a look at some of the many things you can do in the area. Here we go!

To begin with, hiking enthusiasts have the option of following all the different routes offered in the area, including the GR 92 that runs from Ametlla de Mar to Ampolla, passing through the town of El Perelló and the “Via Verde” that goes from Tortosa to Alcañiz. For more information click here, try a hiking route through the middle of the rice fields or simply walk the down the seafront of all the many beautiful towns in the area.

Click here to check out everything you can get up to in L’Ametlla de mar.

A great option is to discover the many beaches in the area. During the winter season and outside of the bird nesting season all beaches accept pets. The “Bassa de l’Arenal” beach, which is located in the Riumar urbanization, is the only beach that accepts pets throughout the year, it has specific signs indicating this.

To learn more about the Ebro delta, we recommend you read our article.

Travelling with your pet

Also, all the nature lovers have many different options. The first option is to take the route through the Tancada and Encanyissada lagoons, it is a 26 KM route that offers various observation towers and also reading panels with interesting information about the lagoons and the birds. It’s the best place for a bit of bird watching and if you do not want to do the entire route on foot it’s easily accessible by car.

The final alternative is to go to “als Ullals de Baltasar”, a set of small freshwater lagoons surrounded by an amazing green landscape. You will find a rich diversity of fauna and flora, a perfect place to enjoy with your pets.

Accomodation with pets
winter getaways

And this is where we finish, as we said before, these are just a few of the many activities on offer close to Calafat.

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