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International promotion

International promotion:

Promociones Calafat uses a whole range of channels to reach clients all over the world.

To cover all this channels, to reach the maximum of clients and at the same time not make overbookings, we use a ERP of management that makes a simultaneous synchronization of calendars. This powerful tools give us the chance to make your housing profitable.

Preparing the housing

Preparing the housing:

Before our client arrival, our cleaning team will take charge of getting the housing clean and with the bed sheets ready to receive the client.

Check in:

The stuff will receive the client at the time of his arrival and they will deliver the keys and take note of the personal details. Then we give them all the necessary information and we proceed to collect the fee.

Multilingual Staff

Customer service during the stay:

We will take charge solving any incident or query that our clients might have during the stay. Always looking for the client satisfaction and hoping they want to repeat with us.

Check out

Check out:

The departure day, a revision of the accommodation is going to be done together with the client to check that everything is in perfect conditions. Then we will proceed to return the money of the bond paid at the arrival.

Closing of the season:

At the end of the season we will check each housing. Our cleaning stuff completes the last check before giving back the keys to the owner. We also prepare a report with possible improvements in case this were required.



To finish, the amount of the liquidation is delivered to the owner. At same time, is delivered as well a report with the breakdown of each reservation made during the season.

Multilingual Staff

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