Beaches of the Costa Dorada

Come and discover the beaches of the Costa Dorada!

The Costa Dorada is Catalonia’s most distinguished coast, with 37 beaches awarded the Blue Flag for their quality and excellent state of conservation. They are dream beaches and small coves with turquoise, crystal-clear waters, most of them with no crowds or buildings in sight and some of them unspoilt. Their name is not arbitrary, but refers to the characteristic colour of their fine sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and natural landscapes. They are also shallow beaches, making them ideal for families and young children.

With a wide variety of beaches to choose from, the Costa Dorada is the ideal destination for your next beach holiday in Spain. Whether you are travelling with children, family or friends. A perfect setting for hiking along the GR-92 route, going on a boat or kayak trip, or scuba diving and discovering the secrets that lie at the bottom of the Gulf of Sant Jordi. Don’t forget your sun cream because you won’t want to leave the sand.

Beaches Costa Dorada
Beaches Costa Dorada
Beaches Costa Dorada

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