Verge del Remei de Santa Oliva Castle

Discover one of the most important medieval architectural ensembles on the Costa Dorada. Romanesque architecture in all its splendour at the Castell Verge del Remei in Santa Oliva.

An architectural ensemble comprising a castle dating from the 11th century and the church of Mare de Déu del Remei, whose bell tower has taken over one of the towers of the fortification. You can see a wall with arrow slits and battlements and a nineteen-metre tower, which is very well preserved.

The castle of Santa Oliva and the church of Mare de Déu del Remei form a well-preserved architectural ensemble that offers an impressive sight. It is located in the upper part of the town, at one end of the urban centre. Its history dates back to the times of the Reconquest, when it formed part of the network of fortifications on the border beyond the Llobregat river. It has been documented since 1045, after an Almoravid incursion that destroyed the place in 1012.

From Planeta Street, you have to climb a flight of stairs to face its façade, where a wall with arrow slits is preserved, crowned with battlements and flanked by two towers. The one on the left is square, nineteen metres high and has battlements. The one on the right is round and was the apse of the primitive chapel of the castle and was transformed to become the bell tower of the historic church of Sant Julià, today the church of the Verge del Remei, which forms part of the complex.

This chapel, linked to the monastery of Sant Cugat del Vallès until the 19th century, conserves its semicircular apse and belfry. It has a single nave, renovated in the Gothic style, with a slightly pointed barrel vault. The façade dates from 1610.

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