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Before putting your property on the market of rent, we will try to response and solve some of the doubts and answer to the most frequent questions that our users realize:

Can I also make personal reservations?
As owner of your housing, whenever you want, you will be able to reserve your house or apartment in the dates that you wish. For it you will have to communicate it to our reservation team and wait for a response of confirmation so you can block the house for you or your relatives. The housing will be able to be blocked by the owners as long as no previous reservation exists.

How many incomes will be obtained by the rent of the housing?
The occupation of his property depends on diverse factors: equipment, quality of the product, location, price and popularity of the region. Ultimately, they are our guests who choose where his vacations happen. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a certain quantity of income. What we can tell you, is that thanks to the great inversion that we realize in advertising, publicity and positioning in websites and specialized portals, year after year we increase the occupation and therefore the income.

What happens if my property does not reach a satisfactory rate of occupation?
In these cases, we study the problem with the owner and elaborate together a solution. Several motives can exist, for example, a slightly attractive equipment, too high price, furniture not updated. Promociones Calafat orientates the owner about the necessary requirements of the accommodation in order that the occupation is the most attractive and satisfactory possible.

Is my property controlled closely whenever a guest departs?
Of course, at the depart of the client an explicit and meticulous control of the housing is effect, checking all the housings before the depart of the client. The client leaves a bond the day of his arrival and this is only paid back after the review and the final control.

What type of client or guest will lodge at my apartment or house?
We are specialized in a familiar tourism; both in our web page and in the portals network who we work with only accept families, that means that groups of young people or troubled profile are not accepted in our reservations. We look for a profile of familiar client that generally take care and respect the housings.

What equipment must have the housing for the tourist rent?
• In the bedrooms the beds must have quilts, pillows and mattress covers. The cupboards must be empty and with hangers.
• We will deliver to you a list with all the utensils and furniture that must arrange the kitchen fi order to offer the best service to the client.
• The living-dining room must have TV, curtains, chairs, table and a sofa in good conditions.
• The terraces and gardens must have the whole furniture necessary for the use and enjoyment of the exteriors for our clients.

What should I do with my personal objects?
We advise our owners not to leave or to keep in a private zone of the apartment or house, the furniture or personal objects with sentimental value in order that the tenants can not access to them.

Am I going to have some expense?
The owner will have only 2 fixed costs every season that they will be:
• First cleaning of the season. The price of the first cleaning depends on the size of the house or apartment.
• The short stays of the tenants, they carry a supplement for the owner.

Can I offer my property to Promociones Calafat and simultaneously to other agencies?
Is NOT allowed the commercialization of his property in any more than one agency, since it might generate problems of double occupations and overbookings.

How I can know the occupation or if more reservations have been realized for my apartment or house?
Through our web page, the owner will be able to see the condition of his reservations and the occupation foreseen for his accommodation.

Can I rescind a contract before his maturity?
The contract can be rescinded in mutual agreement, whenever the reservations that Promociones Calafat has already confirmed are respected, when does not suppose an increase in the expenses or costs for you or Promociones Calafat. Anyhow it will always be under our company authorization.

Do you have a house or an apartment?
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