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We are experiencing in these last days a great pandemic, with many consequences worldwide. At Grupo Calafat we have always characterized ourselves by offering great comfort and safety to our clients. We understand that the situation is complicated and that is why we have turned to finding ways to continue offering this comfort and safety.

We have consulted with experts what was the best way to keep our spaces disinfected and almost unanimously they have all led us to cleaning with ozone, a cleaning that we already knew since in our restaurant Les Veles as we have been using it for a couple of years. So we have acquired this system for the rest of the areas of the group.

All accommodation will be cleaned and disinfected with ozone cannons before the entrance of any guest.

We will briefly explain how this disinfection and cleaning system works:

Operators shall install the necessary equipment to achieve an optimal ozone concentration greater than 1ppm, for more than 25 minutes.
• Ozone is an oxidant that dissolves dirt and germs, and then decomposes and returns to its original state: oxygen (O2). It attacks microorganisms and destroys them, and does not bring any foreign or dangerous substances to the environment. As ozone spontaneously breaks down into normal oxygen, it becomes the only disinfectant and decontamination that does not contribute to chemical contamination of the environment.

• Reacts faster than chemical agents like chlorine because its dissociation is not necessary before it acquires disinfecting power.

• This allows, by eliminating microorganisms, chemical contaminants, odors, polluting gases, allergens, viruses, excess moisture, etc., that the chances of contracting diseases and their contagion can be reduced by up to 98%.

Grupo Calafat always at the service of its clients and users.

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